AXI Technic

Established in 2014, AXI Technic Pte Ltd develops and manufactures X-ray inspection systems that focus on producing the latest state-of-the-art automated X-ray wire bonds, voids and solder paste inspection.

AXI Technic’s innovative ground-breaking technologies were introduced to increase the functions of the automated X-ray inspection systems.

Designed with the needs of modern electronics manufacturing in mind, featuring high-resolution automatic X-ray inspection equipped with a maintenance-free microfocus tube and digital flat panel detector. Capable as a stand-alone unit, AXI systems can also be integrated with the external or internal Reel-to-Reel Packaging Unit or as an in-line automatic X-ray inspection system.

Today, AXI Technic has a presence in various locations in the Asia Pacific. We strive in expanding our network further to get closer to all our customers.

Shaping the Future of Automatic X-ray Inspection and
Eliminating Human Error Factor on the Production Floor